First Canadian

First Canadian Insurance Corporation is a national, privately chartered Life Insurance Company that has been offering Life and Disability insurance coverage on consumer loans through automotive dealership financial service offices since September of 1988.  Since that time the First Canadian Group of Companies has been marketing its Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown Protection, and Protection Product programs through automotive,RV, and marine dealers across Canada with tremendous success. First Canadian is now the largest supplier of group creditor and aftermarket products to the automotive industry in Canada.

Gorrud's Auto Group offers a range of First Canadian insurance and protection plans including the following. Click through each section for more information on how Gorrud's Auto Group and First Canadian can keep your car protected for years to come.


Platinum Shield Protection - Vehicle

Strong UV rays, extreme heat or cold, snow and ice, rain or humidity, road salt and pollutants can harm your car's beauty and its functions. Exterior and interior safeguards from Platinum Shield Protection will defend your vehicle against harsh conditions.
Interior Protection
Paint Protection
Rust Protection
Undercoat Protection
Maintenance Kit

Platinum Shield Protection - RV

Interior Protection
Paint Protection
Maintenance Kit

Platinum Security Protection

Identification Code
Warning Decal
Theft Recovery

Platinum Tire & Rim Protection

Repair damaged tire
Repair damaged rim
Replace damaged tire or rim if repairs cannot be done
All related taxes and levies
No deductible

Life and Disability Insurance

What are the benefits?
• Benefit payments are tax-free, paid directly to the lender and never have to be re-paid. 
• Creditor Insurance pays over and above any additional insurance. 
• Premiums are calculated based on your financed amount NOT on your age. 
• No medical exam is required. 
• Enrolment is voluntary and made available at the time your loan or leasing agreement commences, so premiums can be included in financing as an easy payment option. 
• Plans are available to both the customer and the co-signer.

Extended Protection Plan

You have made a large investment in a vehicle. Now, invest in a protection plan for that vehicle. Choose one of our protection plans to guard you against these unplanned expenses.
Time of sale 
Custom Coverage 
Trailer and Coach Specific
Motorized Recreational Vehicle
On-Road Motorcycle