125 Point Inspection Plus

Gorrud's is proud to announce our newly revised 125 point inspection which includes a Lube, Oil & Filter Service! Our 125-Point Inspection includes a complete check of everything listed below.

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Tires (first 4 points 1-4)

Electrical 5-alternator 6-starter 7-cables 8-wiper motors 9-washer pumps 10-manual switch (headlight) 11-radio 12-window motors 13-door locks 14-power seats 15-battery 16-cruise control 17-digital dash functions 18-analog dash functions 19-power trunk 20-keyless entry (if equipped) 21-power moonroof (if equipped)

Brakes 22 & 23 front & rear lining 24-wheel cyls 25-calipers 26-flexlines 27-drums 28-rotors 29-springs 30-steel lines 31-master cylinder 32-abs unit 33-speed sensors 34-vacuum booster/assist 35 hydraulic booster/assist units

Emergency cables 36-front 37 & 38 right & left rear 39-intermediate 40-adjustment 41-holding

Exhaust 42-manifolds 43-pipes 44-muffler 45-cat converter 46-hangers

Computer 47-abs codes 48-rss codes 49-sir codes 50-engine codes

Engine 51-excess smoke 52-engine noise 53-oil leaks 54-supercharge or turbocharge condition (if equipped) 55-spark plugs 56-distibution cap 57-ignition cap 58-fuel filter 59-air filter 60 rotor

Fuel delivery 61-injection system 62-fuel pump (noisy/leaks) 63-fuel lines

Heating 64-performance 65-variable temp setting 66-fan speeds

Air conditioner 67-cooling ability 68-compressor condition (noisy) 69-condensor

Springs (4 points 70-73)

Differential 74-leaks 75-level & condition of fluids 76-excessive noise & or backlash 77-vent system intact & operating

Drive axles 78-cv boots 79-cv joints or universal joints 80-drive line vibration

Shocks (4 points---81-84)

Transmission 85-fluid leaks 86-levels & condition of fluids 87-shifting operation

Lights 88 & 89-front & rear 90-interior 91-signals 92-brake 93 reverse

Cooling 94-fan operation 95-upper hose 96-lower hose 97-heater hose 98-by pass 99-thermostat operation 100-coolant strength 101-coolant condition 102-belts 103-water pump

Steering 104-drag links 105-centre link 106-pitman arm 107-idler arm 108-stabilizer front 109-stabilizer rear 110-power steering leaks 111-power steering noise & operation 112 & 113-ball joints lower and upper 114 & 115-kingpins left & right 116-119 tie rods outer & inner left & right 120-steering boots

Other 121-door latches 122-hinges 123-key cyls (including trunk) 124 & 125 handles inside & outside