Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Service Starting From $114.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 1 Year or 16,000km)

Includes oil and filter change, tire rotation (if necessary or we will include installation of seasonal tires already on rims at no charge), inspection of filters, Brakes, Suspension, Underbody, Exhaust, Steering components and an overall check to ensure your safety.

4 Wheel Brake Service Starting From $139.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 2 Years or 30,000km)

This will increase the life of your brakes, minimize noises, improve braking and increase braking comfort. Brake pads/shims and sliders begin to seize up almost immediately after being exposed to the harsh elements of our Canadian climate, due to salt, snow/slush, rain, and water start causing rust, debris and corrosion to set in. We will remove brake components such as pads/shoes, shim kits, carriers/brackets, to clean, de-glaze and de-rust all brakes, apply antiseize compound to all contact points, lubricate sliders, adjust parking brake (if necessary/applicable).

4 Wheel Alignment Starting From $109.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 2 Years or By Inspection of Tires & Suspension)

Aligning your vehicle on a regular basis is crucial to keeping your tires in tip top shape, and wearing properly. It can also help contribute to better gas mileage, and reduce costly repairs to suspension components due to excessive pressure/uneven angles. Your wheel alignment can be thrown off as easily as driving down the street and hitting your nearest pothole, speed bump or set of train tracks. Unfortunately when the alignment is out of specification it can cause premature wear on suspension components, uneven tire wear and feathering (also known as cupping or excessive toe wear) excessive gas consumption, and pulling or tracking all over the road giving that sense of uneasiness when driving.

Brake Fluid System Service Starting From $99.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 3 Years or 48,000km)

Clean out master cylinder of all brake fluid, bleed all 4 brake caliper systems and flush with new fluid Removes dirt, debris and contaminated brake fluid to keep brake system functioning as designed from manufacturer. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from atmosphere) also attracts dirty/debris from within Braking system through calipers and seals.

Battery Service Starting From $34.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 2 Years or When Corrosion Exists)

(blue/green electrolisis) a normal by product of the battery emitting gases from being charged by alternator/charging system, debris/ grime causing excessive resistance Startability and damage to battery terminals. Cleaning of battery terminals, removal of corrosion application of protective coating to terminals once completed to prevent further issues.

Throttle Body Service Starting From $59.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 3 Years or 60,000km)

Carbon deposits/build up on throttle body can change air entering intake system velocity and create Harsh conditions for startability, fuel mileage and performance. Removal of air intake, clean out and throttle plate for optimal acceleration and throttle response.

Transmission Fluid System Service Starting From $159.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 5 Years or 96,000km)

Transmissions run off of fluid throughout the entire system (torque converter, valve body and pan) Due to extreme heat/cold climate fluid break down , contamination occurs on a regular basis as Internal components wear. Drain and fill of a fluid located in transmission pan, replacement of filter (if applicable, if not clean metal screen filter) replace fluid in pan with new OEM (original manufacturer or equivalent) fluid, keeps transmission shift response, performance running at optimal levels.

Coolant System Service Starting From $139.95 +tax
(Recommended Every 6 Years or 100,000km)

Engines all have coolant systems to keep the engines at their ideal operating temperature. As coolant ages, compounds/chemicals inside begin to break down and can cause premature failure of internal components, scaling of radiator/heater core, and cause internal blockages leading to costly repairs. Complete Drain and fill of coolant system replaces old fluid, gets rid of harmful deposits and allows your engine to operate at peak performance, system is bled after refilled to make sure no air bubbles exist in system as it is a sealed unit.

Spark Plugs/Tune Up
(Recommended Every 6 Years or 100,000km)

Spark plugs are what ignite the gasoline that provides the power to allow your vehicle to propel its self down the road when you step on the accelerator. Over time the gaps in the plugs begin to wear out causing lack of spark, performance issues, startability in cold weather and poor gas mileage. Replacement spark plugs keep your vehicle running in tip top shape, allowing you to get the most out of your gas between fill ups, engine performance and keeps the vehicle running as factory designed.

Manual Transmission, Transfercase, and Rear Differential System Service
(Recommended Every 7 Years or 120,000km)

Any drive train components (AWD included) have some form of lubrication to keep metal/metal contact at a minimum, fluid breaks down with consistent use, climate and contamination. Complete Drain and fill of these components provides replacement OEM specification fluids to keep drive train systems operating as designed from manufacturer.